Refine your look with a personalized approach to your hair. From cuts and color to Well-Being treatments, your beauty needs will be met with style.
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Enhance your natural hair color with bleach-free highlights!

In a city that thrives on beauty and self-improvement, David Harrington helps you claim both in an eco-friendly way for the long term. Through the use of specialized hair color products that gently lift color to reveal your natural highlights, David is able to help you shimmer and shine like the stars. Your hair will catch the light for a longer time than traditional highlights as this technique works to enhance the complex layers of colors and texture already in your hair. 

Bring our your inner brilliance without the use of toxic bleach. By avoiding bleach, which is traditionally used in all highlights and lightening services, your health and the health of the planet is maintained.  

Hair Cut: Men, Women
Hair Color: Single Process, Highlights, Hair Painting
Styling: Blowout, Special Events, Fashion Photography

Well Being Treatments:

The Problem Solving treatments engage a specific succession of products created to assure efficacy and results. The problem solving treatment also offer two pleasant massage moments: at the start (welcome touch) and during the cleansing phase (cleansing touch).

The Express version is particularly suitable for those who, want to receive a specific treatment for their hair, while enjoying a muscle relaxing and tension-removing massage, focusing on the neck and shoulders.

The Experience a blissful journey that offers all three signature massages treatments.. This sensory experience permits the client to gradually release all tensions while favoring the action of the products and the penetration of the actives.